Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gulf of Mexico and Texas State Aquarium

So many posts today, I know, but this will be one of the last ones. I promise :)

Here are some of the pictures I took when Betty and I went down to Austwell, TX asnd to the Gulf of Mexico. We saw a bloated jellyfish just a few feet in front of us when we were walking around the gulf coast - it was cool!

We went to the Texas State Aquarium and this is what we saw:

This is the view from the outside sections of the aquarium - that in the distance is the Gulf of Mexico. I went as far as the eye could see. It was breathtaking!

Next is the dolphin area. There was an outside top view and an inside bottom view. The bottom view pictures I have are spectacular, if I do say so myself. They were one of the neatest creatures I've seen up close. And man, were they big!

The top view of one of the dolphins.

The bottom view of them. This one was one of my best. I liked the fact that it looked like the little girl was ready to catch the dolphin. :)

This one was of a mother and daughter. She had the cutest little laugh!

Family vacation...

And this little guy was so cute... :D

The end.

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