Monday, August 10, 2009

Why is it Monday already?

Whew! Everything's been so crazy - where has my weekend gone? It sucks having to work Friday and Saturday because I feel like my weekend just passes me by. But that's okay because I'm off this Friday - Sunday and I'm not going to do anything but attempt socks using 4 dpns and not 5.

I never would have imagined that 5 dpns at one time could be so tricky to hold. So I will start small and work my way up to the 5 dpns later...

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  1. ha, yeah, know what you mean. one trick for the dpns is to just let go of all except the two you're using, or tuck one in your right palm, hold the next one (clockwise) in your right hand, hold the 3rd in your left, then let the one at the back just hang there -- it's hard to trust the stitches aren't going to fall off, but it'll be ok!