Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday

Ria, Tyran, Betty and I braved the crowds at 4am at Target so we could get $3 coffee makers and sandwhich cookers and my camera, on sale for $129. I LOVE my new camera - it even takes videos with sound!!! :) Unbelievable! It has sooo many options, I adore it!

So, here is my story about the camera. At around 1am, Tyran and I noticed that people had already begun to line up at Target and we weren't going to get there til 4am. Needless to say, there was a HUGE line when we finally arrived. Tyran and I waited in the elctronics line while Ria and Betty went for the appliances. We waited an hour to get up to the counter - and I had been told earlier by a store associate that they only had 4 of my camers at the beginning so I was a little worried. But luck was on my side and I got the last one! I've been enjoying it ever since!
Here is one of the first pics I took (she was tired, lol):

And here is a pic of Ria's big Christmas present (early, I know):

No fish yet, we're hoping to get some on Wednesday after her pH levels are right. Other than all that, I've been good. I'll post more pics later and I'll even try to add some videos later! :)

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