Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Fish and A Funny Video (hopefully)

You know how it goes, unproductive for a few days and then Boom - 2-4 posts one after the other on the same day! Heh, that's life...

Anyways, here are two pics of Ria's new fish. The first one is RAWR. I always want to call him Grrrr for some reason -_-? He's a quick little thing so this pic isn't that great.

And Bob, who's a sucker fish. His back-story (is that what you call it?) is half funny, half sad. He only has one eye (we say Ria is cursed with one-eyed fish - with him and Molly) so we call him One-Eyed Bob. Too bad PetCo and PetSmart don't sell tiny pirate hats cause I'd totally get him one!

And now for the funny video... if it loads (stupid slow, old compy - just wait til Tax Return time!)
I'll get back to this once I can cut the video down to proper size. FINALLY it's done! So the back story (again with that word) to this clip is that Isa was over one Sunday and we were all playing with playdough when I noticed her humming a Christmas carol. So I told her to sing one and after mixing up my song lyrics and title, mom jumped in and did a little dance while singing Jingle Bells - hilarious! It was so funny that my steady camera hand was, well, not so steady. Sorry...

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