Sunday, January 31, 2010

San Antonio

So myself, Betty, Tyran, Lindsey, Meagan, and Emilee (also James, but he lives there) went to San Antonio on Jan 17-18 and we had a blast!

Our main reason for going was ghost hunting. We stayed in the Menger Hotel (which is haunted by 38 known ghosts) and we did the Alamo City Ghost Tour (which was awesome)! Betty, Tyran, and I stayed in room 2012 (scary, I know) while Emilee, Meagan, and Lindsey stayed in room 2014. We had an amazing time - we messed around the haunted hotel, we went to the River Walk and the Mexican Market, we rode the trolley, went on a ghost tour of S.A., and a whole bunch of other stuff. I got great (and creepy) pictures and I got some hilarious videos on my new Flip.

Here is the link to the funny video of Meagan, Lindsey, and James riding one of those mechanical bulls in the marketplace. The funny thing about this was that the bull was made for children but the guy let them ride it anyways!

And here is a scary picture of a ghost in one of the haunted buildings we visited. It was actually my mother who spotted the ghost and as I reviewed the rest of my photos, I saw that there was nothing in any other pictures - nor were there any reasonable explanations for it. We see a female figure in an old dress with a white apron walking in this picture. I circled the area in the picture. Zoom in and tell me what you see!

Creepy..... I'm glad I saw this after we left instead of before. We also had some crazy experiences in the hotel. Emilee, Tyran, Lindsey and Meagan we walking through the lobby of the hotel when they heard a woman's scream that sounded like it came from the lobby (which had no one else but them). They actually thought it had been Tyran but it wasn't.

Betty and I had similar experiences in our room but it wasn't until the next morning when we were sharing stories that we knew about it. Betty said all night she heard different voices and the sounds of people running up and down the halls (but the hotel didn't have very many guests). She also told me that she heard a little girl's laugh in the bathroom when she got up in the middle of the night to pee - which is really freaky because the next morning while I was showering I heard a little girl's laugh. When I got out of the shower is when Betty told me about the voices, the running, and the little girl... We were totally spooked. And Tyran didn't hear anything because she sleeps like the dead (heh).

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and we are planning another one around May to Jefferson, Texas - supposedly one of the most haunted small towns in Texas. Then we are going to go to Galveston (which is really haunted because of all the death and trauma from the Great Hurricane and the fires). I can't wait to see what kind of stuff I will catch with my camera. :)

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