Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flowers at the Library and my house

I know, I know... you're tired of flower pictures - but that's all that I have to take photos of... hopefully a more, uh, active photo project will come my way. Until then it's flowers.

Flowers when you first walk in

These are by the New Books

I love the brilliant colors and abstractness of this photo :)

Maria saw her first patient die right in front of her today (an old lady) so she bought mom flowers and cried in her arms... poor thing.

Another great picture with brilliant colors and zoom of the petals.

And the final pic, a close-up of one of the flowers

The End :)


  1. aww, poor maria.
    pretty flowers!

  2. Yeah, she's taking it better that we expected, though. And thanks - they turned out beautiful! I'm so please. I'm gonna be taking the photography class that the library hosts :D I can't wait!