Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 Things I Know About Myself

1. I can’t live without paper towels (odd, I know).
2. I say my favorite color is purple but I love green things (especially apple-green).
3. I can only eat squid if it’s breaded and unrecognizable (calamari for one, please).
4. I start a lot of stuff and I never finish most of it (a bad habit that I blame on me being a Libra).
5. I’m sleepy.
6. I can get lost traveling with no worries as long as I have someone with me – if I’m alone, I stress like crazy.
7. I love the feel of cold sheets when I first get into bed.
8. I love taking pictures of the sky (another Libra air-sign thing, I guess).
9. My secret guilty pleasure is buying those lottery scratch-offs.
10. I want to own land one day, lots and lots of acres that I can wander through and search for buried treasures!

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