Saturday, December 11, 2010

Booth Results

So I had my first Frost Fest Booth yesterday and it was a good/bad experience that I learned a lot from. It all started the night before when I gathered all my stuff to sell and saw exactly how much I had accumulated... holy crap. I had lots of decoupaged image jars and hand painted snowflake liquid soap dispensers and magnets and all sorts of stuff...

So Lindsey and I drove to the park at 4 pm to set up, which turned out to be a crazy experience. I had to drive over the curb and drive along the cement trail to get to the set up place. I cannot describe how odd it felt driving along the trail, especially when there was this old lady who, instead of being smart and moving OFF the trail, just kept walking and I had to drive a little off the trail so I didn't run her butt over... pretty funny!

Anways, so we got everything set up and my sister joined us and we sat there in the semi-cold and watched as people avoided our eye-contact or smiled and ran for it. LOL it was pretty amusing. My goal yesterday was to make $100 (but my secret goal was to sell it all and make $300, hehe) but my final total was $76 and an ear infection. Yup, an ear infection courtesy of the wind and cold last night. My poor ear... But I am pretty proud of the booth results (aside from the ear thing). And to think, most of that money was from the hand-painted glass penguin magnets that I made as little bonus items for $1. How funny.... Oh well, I plan to sell the rest of the stuff in our etsy store, which Lindsey and I will have up soon. I'll let ya'll know when its up and operational!!! Here are some pics of yesterday as a bonus:

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  1. Your glove and hat selection looks pretty good! I wish I could have gone.