Friday, August 28, 2009

Today was a lazy day

Well, my tooth had been driving me CRAZY (and everyone else too b/c I keep bitching but oh well, that's what friends and co-workers are for). You see I had a cavity (bad me, I know) and I went to the dentist to get it filled. Well, the dentist I got was not my usual dentist and he really hurt me.

This filling has been hurting so bad (I couldn't eat or sleep, the sinus cavity (no pun intended) on the left side got really sore and swollen) that I've been back to the dentist 2 times already. All they've done is filed it down and checked for infection - which they found none. Then they told me they couldn't see anything wrong and sent me on my way with a bill for my insursance... great.

So I made ANOTHER appointment this morning and my regular dentist told me that he would take me Monday morning, dig out this stupid filling, and put in a temporary one. I have tons of questions about temps before we start though, so be expecting to hear about that later.

Now, on to the good stuff (brought to you by the millions of pain meds I've choked down):

I knitted up a mommy and baby whale. They're sooooo cute, right?

I got the pattern from this blog here so you can try it too. Post pictures of yours so I can see how they turned out!

Also I am working on a special gift for Lindsey, a co-worker of mine, because it's awesome and so is she. I am knitting her 2 green eyeballs that are big enough to juggle or use as hackey-sacks (hakysaks, hackysaks, hackiesacks, oh hell...) Anyways, all I have left to do is to stuff them, so them closed, take pics of them, and then give them to her. I can't wait to show ya'll!!!!

Enjoy the weekend! (I know I will)

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