Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My creations look better in my mind...

I was once again brought back to the reality of what I think I can do and what really turns out are two very separate things. I have been on etsy for quite some time, looking at all the wonderful (absolutely beautiful) wares offered there. So earlier today I though, "hey, I can make cute things with modeling clay too. I'm gonna buy some and try..."

Well, five hours later I have given up my hopes of creating cute things with real clay. Play dough is the stuff for me! The cute colors and the easy molding-ness of it is right up my alley. Okay, so I'm super sad that I wasn't able to create the cute things that other people can do... but that's okay... I will be content to view their cute things on etsy. sigh...

But here is a (crappy, horrible picture *needs new camera*) of what I decided to keep and not to smash into little bits and put back into the container...

Agghhhhhh, it's so blurry it really pisses me off... But anyways, here is a picture of a cute snowman and a giant panda head.
No, a snake is not choking the poor snowman... that is my trial and error of a scarf... They'll look better after I paint them (at least I'm hoping they will, lol)

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  1. those look cute! just wait until they're painted.