Saturday, October 17, 2009


So tonight Betty, Tyran, and I are going to see that Paranormal Activities movie. What was that you asked, me going to see a horror movie? Me, who gets scared easily by the stupidest things...

Yes, it is indeed true. I talked to James about it and he said it was really frightening. He said he had a bit of insomnia and he stills shudders if its dark and he thinks about that movie. Yeah, that conversation did not inspire me at all to go see this movie - but Betty and Tyran want to go and I kinda want to see it too.

Afterwards, I plan to have every light on and watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with Jim Carey (my fav movie) and finally finish my neice's pumpkin hat and get started on my sister-in-law's strawberry hat. Hopefully I will exhaust myself and sleep peacfully... but who am I trying to fool, I know I'll be up the entire night... huuhhhhhh.

Well, at least I will be productive tonight :) I'll blog after I've seen the movie. Maybe you'll notice the difference between my relaxed tone now and my horrified tone later. ::shudder::

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