Sunday, October 18, 2009

Posting Painted Pics

My creative energies have taken me to a different craft - painting. I've been getting ready for Christmas and these are just a few of the things I have painted. They are really in no particular order and I'm very proud of them - faults and all!

Warning: The picture quality sucks as I need to get a new camera :P

My little girl angel (as you can tell, I painted over her face...a lot)
My little boy angel

My snowflakes

My ornaments

My Santa (I gave him to Ria and she loved him!)

And my Snow picture frame

All in all, I've had fun painting these things! Oh, and about Paranormal Activity... it sucked. It was soo stupid. Yes, there were some scary parts but the ending was so dumb - I didn't lose any sleep over it. But I have sometimes thought about the movie while I was alone in a room or driving - the 'what ifs'... o.o lol

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