Saturday, November 14, 2009

Austin and San Antonio!

Well, its been a heck of a month! I've been on 2 big trips this month - the first was to Inner Space Caverns and the Outlet Mall in Austin, and the second was to San Antonio, where we saw the Alamo, Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum, Louis Tussaud's Plaza Wax Museum, and the Mexican Market Square!

Here are pics of Inner Space Caverns. I went with Ria, Betty, Jeanine, Nikki, and Nathan. We stopped for breakfast at IHOP and then on we went to the caverns.

Here is a pic of all of us together (except me cause I'm taking the picture, lol). From left to right: Ria, Jeanine, Nikki, Nathan, and Betty.

Here is a picture of a part of the caverns (my camera sucks in low-light, so this was the best one out of all 300... yes, 300)

All throughout the tour, they compared everything to food - the bats were called hairy flying chicken nuggets, there were old shrimp homes, cave bacon (below), ice cream, and so much more!

These are some of the pics from Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum.

The history books lied - it was actually Ria who sank the Titanic. Oooooohhhhh, no I didn't! :P

This guy could swallow his own nose - ewwww... He and Ria got along quite well, lol.

This crocodile was just hanging from the roof so I took a pic from the 2nd floor. When we finally made it to the 3rd floor, I read that this croc was about 15ft long and he ate children and dogs.

I will post the pics from Tussaud's Wax Museum on the next post, so look forward to that.

We had a wonderful time at each place! Man, after such a busy few weeks, who wouldn't appreciate the return to their daily pace?! :)

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